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About Allumez Global

We are a social enterprise with a vision for creating community employment, stimulating economic growth and promoting entrepreneurial education and support. Our multi-stakeholder beneficiary approach aims to help establish sustainable SME entrepreneur-driven local development. 

We leverage off a mineral natural resource SME co-vestment asset base to focus on capacitating the development of other high social impact, profitable, multi-sector SME business opportunities with robust cash flow potential.

Drawing from an experienced group of professional specialists, we provide SME entrepreneurs with single stop access to early and growth-stage business development capacitation resources, including a combination of seed and start-up capital funding, strategy formulation and sector consulting expertise.


What Allumez Global can do for you

As a social enterprise venture capital partner, we provide SME entrepreneurs with short to medium-term early stage, growth and scaling financial capital co-vestments. This funding is coupled with an augmenting venture preparation process and professional support services.                         

Our auxiliary development support services are characteristically structured through linked market ecosystem arrangements with collaborating partner organisations and affiliate complementary service expertise. 

Venture Development
Training and Coaching
Industrial Sector Specific Training
markus-spiske-5gGcn2PRrtc-unsplash (1)
Financial Planning and Modelling
Financing Capital Expenditure
Financing Working Capital
Enterprise Development Support Services
Ecosystem Participation Integration
Personal Financial Planning


Our venture capital financing business model and project qualification criteria have been purposefully designed to provide our covestment providing partners with well-rewarding market related returns.

At the same time, the ability to satisfactorily contribute towards the realisation of mutually desired social impact objectives remains a key outcome.


Further, our mineral resource backed, hybrid security featured covestment opportunity offering, affords our covestment capital providing partners dual asset recourse protection. This is achieved whilst concurrently extending flexible, blended financing bespoke solution terms of between 2 and up to 7 years for our covestment recipient project partners.

Current Project

Mining –  Gold Mining (currently in Eastern  Africa and Southern Africa)

Other Current Covestment Opportunities

Africa – Agriculture, Information Technology, Manufacturing, Retail
USA – Food and Beverage

Meet the Allumez Global Team

Arthur Paul Z. Chaora

(Lead Executive)

Arthur Chaora is the founding partner and Managing Director of Allumez Capital.

John Mufaro Mwinjilo

(Lead Executive)

John Mwinjilo is a founding Director of Allumez Capital.

Allumez Global

Our Board of Directors comprises captains of industry who are internationally educated, experienced and trained.

Allumez Global
Advisory Team

Our team of experts pool their combined experience & knowledge to add maximum value to the clients we serve.

Dale Hewett-Collier

(Advisory Council)

Dale Hewett Collier is the founder and Managing Director of The Kings Counsel & Trust Family Office (KCTFO).

Lauri Elliott

(Advisory Council)

Lauri Elliot is the founder and Chief Enterprising Officer of Globalstratos.

Hartmut Sieper

(Advisory Council)

Hartmut Sieper is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Transformative Technologies.

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